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North Kingdom Group

North Kingdom Group
3 years ago I answered an ad on internet, now I’m placing the ad on internet. I come in as Fresh Graduate and now I’m a GM of my company. I got trained a very successful system that have open 800 offices in 26 different countries.

NK is the next leader in the face to face marketing industry. We do sales and marketing for our client in face to face level. We work with international clients from many industries such as telco, finance, charity etc.

3 Years to GM (Marketing Executive)


* Sales/Promotions (on the skills and techniques)
* Team Leadership (to train and develop new executives)
* Management of sales team (managing a branch office)
* Project handling (spearhead a new campaign)


We are looking for the next leader of Jakarta. We are looking for this qualities :

* 1 or 2 years experience (any field)
* Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree / Post Graduate Degree, any field.
* Desire to succeed and great work ethic with positive attitude
* Ability to comunicate on face to face level
* Flexible to travel domestic and overseas

If you feel you have those qualities and you have what it takes, email your resume to our administrator or HR Department:

Deutsche Bank Building 8th floor, suite 801
JL Imam Bonjol 80, Jakarta Pusat
PIC: Natasha / Faustine
(p) 021 3193 7123
(e) faustine@ptappcodirect.com

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